Collaborative Members

Badrul Chowdhury
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research areas: Power system modeling, analysis, control, optimization and economics, System vulnerability and resiliency assessment, Integration of renewable and distributed energy resources in a smart grid, microgrid, and market environment Read More

Sukumar Kamalasadan
Duke Distinguished Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Research areas: Smart Grid Design, Renewable Energy Integration, Power Grid Modernization, Real-time Modeling and Control of Energy Systems and Devices, Energy Storage and Wind Energy Modeling and Control, Microgrid Management Read More

Sungjune Park
Professor, Business School Risk Management

Research areas: Business Analytics, Information Security, Digital economy, and Supply chain management Read More

Ronald Sass
Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Research areas: Reconfigurable Computing for High-Performance Systems Read More

Waseem Shadid
Data Science Expert PhD Researcher
Matthew Whelan
Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research areas: Embedded and Wireless Sensor Design, Structural Health Monitoring and Experimental Diagnostics, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems and Long-Term Bridge Management, Low-Power RF Networks for Terrestial and Underground Sensing Applications, Experimental Modal Analysis, System Identification, Structural Identification Read More

Artie Zillante
Chair, Department of Economics and Professor of Economics

Research areas: Micro-economics and Game Theory, Using laboratory economic experiments to test economic theories Read More