CyberDNA Center

The CyberDNA Center is part of the College of Computing and Informatics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The vision of CyberDNA is to conduct cutting edge research leading to building blocks and design principles for safe Internet based applications and communities. The CyberDNA Center includes strong multidisciplinary expertise from across UNC Charlotte campus to address cybersecurity and privacy research and education challenges of high societal-impact. It offers unique opportunities for collaborative R&D programs, academic degrees and concentrations, consortium, seminars, workshops, and telnet pipeline for industry, and government agencies.

Free Cybersecurity Workforce Certification Training

Introducing Highly Qualified Professionals into the Cybersecurity Workforce.

This program will offer Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Cybersecurity training with online delivery to transitioning military, first responders, and other adult trainees free of charge. Successful completion of the program will offer participants the opportunity to earn three Industry and Government recognized certifications through examination as well as gain pathways to pursue degree programs at participating institutions.

There are 3 training tracks offered through the program:

  • Cybersecurity-System Administration (CS_SA)
  • Cybersecurity-Artificial Intelligence (CS_AI)
  • Cybersecurity-Digital Forensics (CS_DF)

Topics include Windows and Linux computer technologies, cloud technology, network, python programming, cybersecurity fundamentals, ethical hacking, hardware security, computer and mobile forensics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The program consists of 8 weeks learning with 5 instructional hours per week and 2 weeks for certification preparation and examination.

Job Categories

Through successful completion of the training:

  • Information Security
  • Security Analyst
  • IT/Network/Computer/Cloud Systems Administrator
  • IT Analyst
  • IT Support
  • Forensics Investigator, etc.


The program is open to all adult learners interested in AI-cybersecurity job transitioning and upskilling with priority given to transitioning military and first responders.

Registration requires:

  • Proof of citizenship or permanent resident status
  • Education records (high school diploma or higher)
  • Military Service/First Responder service history (to receive priority registration)


About/Contact Information:

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC) in collaboration with Purdue University Northwest, Ivy Tech Community College, and University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC), will establish a pilot Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Cybersecurity certification based national training program for transitioning military, first responders, and other adult trainees.

Fareena Saqib: (704) 687-8098, fsaqib@uncc.edu
Cybersecurity Workforce Development
This project is supported by National Security Agency (NSA) Grant #H98230-20-1-0351.

Center Information

Managing Director: Dr. Bill Chu

NSA/DHS Center Point of contact:
Dr. Bill Chu
Department of Software and Information Systems

Department of Software and
Information Systems,
UNC Charlotte
Woodward 305A
9201 University City Blvd,
Charlotte, NC 28223

Phone: 704-687-8661
Fax: 704-687-3516

Advisory Board:
Allen O’Rourke
Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel for Cybersecurity
Truist Financial Corporation

Dr. Carrie Gates
Senior Vice President, Principal Engineer
Bank of America

John Melton
Director, Product Security – Oracle NetSuite

Pete Murphy
Maestro Health

Roger Callahan
Information Assurance Advisory, LLC
Managing Director

Sam Phillips
Head of Information Security Architecture
Wells Fargo, N.A.