Faculty Members

Cheryl L. Brown
Chair and Associate Professor, Political Science and Public Administration

Research areas: Genomic and Health Data Privacy and Blockchain Technology, Social and Ethical Implications of Big Data and AI, Connected/Autonomous Vehicles, Privacy, and Cybersecurity, Robotics and Ethics, Privacy, Ethics, and Trust in Health Data and Intelligent Systems, China’s Innovative Technology and AI Policies, Cross-Cultural Long-distance Caregiving Read More

Aidan F. Browne
Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering Technology

Research areas: Sensors & Signal Conditioning, Control Systems, Robotics, Medical Devices and Diagnostics, Applied Energy/Electro-mechanical Systems, Engineering Education Read More

Bill Chu
Professor, Managing Director of CyberDNA, CCI

Research areas: Enterprise Integration, Information Privacy and Security, Electronic Commerce, and Computer integrated manufacturing. Read More

Heather Lipford
Associate Professor, CCI

Research areas: Usable Security and Privacy – the intersection of Human Computer Interaction and information security and privacy Read More

Florence Martin
Professor, Educational Leadership, Learning Design and Technology

Research areas: Effective design of instruction and integration of digital technology to improve learning and performance Read More

Tom Moyer
Assistant Professor, CCI

Research areas: Security of computer systems and networks, Enterprise computing and Cloud computing Read More

Xi (Sunshine) Niu
Assistant Professor, CCI

Research areas: Data and text analytics, Knowledge discovery, Search behavior, and Interactive information retrieval Read More

Benjamin J. Radford
Assistant Professor, Political Science & Public Administration, Public Policy Program

Research areas: Statistics, Machine learning, Cybersecurity, Political forecasting, and Arms proliferation

Fareena Saqib
Assistant Professor, Director of Hardware and Embedded Design and Security HEADS Lab, ECE

Research areas: IoT security, Hardware security and trust, Supply chain risk management and security, Physical unclonable functions (PUF) based authentication, High performance computing and hardware accelerators design using FPGAs for small and resources constrained embedded electronic devices

Mohamed Shehab
Associate Professor, CCI

Research areas: Information Privacy and Security, Access Control and Authentication, Usable Security and Privacy, Application Security Read More

Meera Sridhar
Assistant Professor, CCI

Research areas: program analysis and verification, model-checking, in-lined reference monitoring (binary instrumentation), security policies, language design and analysis, program equivalence, language-based solutions for web, mobile security, and IoT security, program-proof co-development, security for cyber-physical systems Read More

Yongge Wang
Professor, CCI

Research areas: Algorithims and Complexity, Information Theory and Theory of Computation, Industrial Centric Applied Cryptography, Security and Privacy Read More

Weichao Wang
Associate Professor, CCI

Research areas: Designing protocols and mechanisms to secure pervasive systems, especially the resource-restraint wireless networks Read More

Jinpeng Wei
Associate Professor, CCI

Research areas: Systems software vulnerability detection and mitigation, runtime verification of systems software security properties, stealthy malware detection, analysis and defense, secure software architecture, cloud computing security, and security problems in emerging application domains Read More

Jing Yang
Professor, CCI

Research Areas: Visual Analytics Read More

Lina Zhou
Professor, BISOM

Research areas: Social media analytics, Deception detection, Knowledge management, Biomedical informatics, and intelligent mobile interface Read More