Yongge Wang
Professor, CCI

Research areas: Algorithims and Complexity, Information Theory and Theory of Computation, Industrial Centric Applied Cryptography, Security and Privacy Read More

Jinpeng Wei
Associate Professor, CCI

Research areas: Systems software vulnerability detection and mitigation, runtime verification of systems software security properties, stealthy malware detection, analysis and defense, secure software architecture, cloud computing security, and security problems in emerging application domains Read More

Matthew Whelan
Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Research areas: Embedded and Wireless Sensor Design, Structural Health Monitoring and Experimental Diagnostics, Intelligent Infrastructure Systems and Long-Term Bridge Management, Low-Power RF Networks for Terrestial and Underground Sensing Applications, Experimental Modal Analysis, System Identification, Structural Identification Read More

Jing Yang
Professor, CCI

Research Areas: Visual Analytics Read More

Lina Zhou
Professor, BISOM

Research areas: Social media analytics, Deception detection, Knowledge management, Biomedical informatics, and intelligent mobile interface Read More

Artie Zillante
Chair, Department of Economics and Professor of Economics

Research areas: Micro-economics and Game Theory, Using laboratory economic experiments to test economic theories Read More